From little things, big things grow

I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have signed up to follow what is coming next. I extended an enormous Thank You to those who have signed up to the blog, and to those patients who have been prepared to take the trek into town to visit. I understand what a connection many people have to their GP, and this is certainly not one-sided. One develops an enormous attachment to the individuals and families that have shared their trials, tribulations, illnesses, pregnancies, bereavements and deepest emotions. I certainly hope to continue that connection, and to develop new ones.

I will now be at Comino Medical West End three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) whilst continuing to assist Dr David Chin and doing hospital and nursing home visits on other days.

The longer term dream is to design a better way of providing general practice to the community. Its a very long term plan, and the seeds are only just being planted. I am currently collaborating with others on various ideas for health innovation. If you have any ideas as to how you would like your doctor to better provide the sorts of health services you need, please feel free to comment below.

I look forward to catching up in person soon! Otherwise, as interesting health topics come up, they will be posted on this blog page.

4 thoughts on “From little things, big things grow

  1. Could you consider doing video/phone consults?
    Obviously there would be several instances where this would not be possible as you would not be able to do the physical exam.
    But maybe for preliminary queries or where a physical is not required.
    I don’t know if I’ll be able to travel to West End to see you which is really disappointing.


    1. Excellent idea!
      I have been experimenting with this, and will certainly let you know once we have a functional system to deliver it. Whilst there is no medicare rebate for video consultations to a GP, it can save so much time and inconvenience I agree it would be worth it. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Hi Aaron
    I am so pleased that I’ve just found your new consultation/location details. Congratulations for making yet another change in your life to pursue your personal and career goals. Sadly, I was never advised of your blog during your time in France or I’d have followed your journey updates. How do I best follow this blog? Via social media?
    We would like to continue to see you for our family medical consultations, if that suits you? Regards, Cheryl Burns


    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry you didn’t get informed about the blog sooner.

      To follow, there should be a button to click right at the bottom of the page where you can sign up to follow (there are various options in how to follow – totally up to you). There is also a Facebook button in order to share on social media.

      I look forward to catching up with your family soon!



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