These links are intended to be useful health resources. Doctor Aaron Chambers provides these links to enable patients to further research health topics relevant to them. Links are designed to be relevant to those in the Oxley, Jindalee and Forest Lake area and are also relevant to those in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia

Child Health

School Exclusion Guidelines for children with infectious conditions

Raising Children is a useful resource for parents.

Bronchiolitis is a common respiratory illness of infancy.

BetterHealth is a Victorian run website with reliable information on various health conditions.


Compulsory reading for expectant parents: French Children Don’t Throw Food. Hands down the best read and advice for what to do once the baby arrives.

Mater Mothers Hospital provides excellent public pregnancy care.

Having a Baby in Queensland provides clear, evidence-based decision support through your pregnancy.

Mind the Bump is a free App designed to teach mindfulness to couples who are expecting, in order to support mental and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy and beyond.

If you’re at the point of wondering What Were We Thinking?! Then this website and associated App is for you. Highly recommended for all new or expecting parents as an aid to negotiating the change in work / life roles, and helping to answer all those questions on what is a huge learning curve.


The Fathering Project is a Western Australian initiative to promote discussion around positive fathering

Parenting is one of life’s greatest challenges. Aha! Parenting has some great tips, for example on parenting a Strong-Willed Child.

On a difficult topic, Esther Perel talks about ways of thinking about Infidelity in our modern society.

For those with adolescent and family dynamic problems, Dr Joanne Sargeant is an excellent adolescent psychiatrist.

Understanding your partner is a key to a successful relationship. The 5 Love Languages is a great framework for understanding what makes your loved ones tick. Its worth buying the book (my wife and I frequently give it as a wedding gift!).

Mental Health

A great starting point for learning about mental health issues is the Beyond Blue website. If you or a relative are suffering from anxiety or depression, it is very useful to complete one of the mood scores available and bring it to your appointment with your doctor.

Smiling Mind is an excellent, free resource available as a guided meditation App designed to teach mindfulness. It is a great first line treatment for anxiety, insomnia and maintenance of mental wellbeing for both children and adults.

Aged Care

My Aged Care is the entry point to the complex world of providing care for our elders.

Health Providers

Bywater Medical provides quality family medical care at three locations in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs.

Medicare. Love it or hate it, its worthwhile knowing the Australian medical system.