New Practice Location

Dr Chambers has just commenced Practice at Comino Medical Centre, 60 Hardgrave Road, West End. Phone 3844 8227. He will be there full time during the week commencing Monday 10 October whilst Dr Comino takes a well earned holiday break. Otherwise, he will be doing sessions there each Wednesday. Dr Chambers is continuing to care for his long term nursing home patients, and is accepting care of new residents. There may be more exciting new developments to come, including innovative ways of delivering health care. Click “follow” to keep updated.

7 thoughts on “New Practice Location

  1. Hi Aaron,

    Sorry I missed your response phone call on Friday.
    Appreciate your preparedness to take time to explain to me.

    I have now accessed your web site and found it to be most interesting.
    I note you outline that one can be updated by clicking onto “Follow” but unfortunately I could not find the “Follow” prompt to click?

    I would like to continue consultations with yourself at West End if that is agreeable with yourself?
    I understand that you are providing full week services whilst the resident GP is away for a fortnight and thereafter on Wednesdays only?
    Do they have an online booking service to facilitate?

    Trust all going well with yourself
    Ken Murphy


    1. Hi Ken,
      Thank you for getting in touch. I have just updated the website to reflect I’m now working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, whilst continuing to assist David Chin and do Hospital and Nursing Home visits on the other days. The online booking system should be up and running at some stage soon, but we haven’t got a timeline as yet.


  2. Aaron I have just told that you now have a practice at Sherwood. Could you please provide me the address & phone no.
    Regards Dianne


    1. Hi Dianne,

      Well, there has been a lot of work, and finally we are ready to announce the new practice! Our new practice is called Grow Medical. It is all about growing the health of our patients, their families and the community, as well as that of our staff. Our website is and the practice is located at 600 Sherwood Road, Sherwood. We open at the end of May, and we anticipate being able to accept bookings through our online system in the next week or so. We look forward to welcoming you!


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